Edulabs is an online Learning and Development environment focused on assisting learners achieve their academic and career goals.


About Us

I'd.effect. Limited (pronounced "I'd "effect") is a technologically driven E-learning and human resource development firm, which aims to consistently effect positive change in each sphere of business in which it becomes involves.

Speaking of change, COVID-19 has forced most schools and organizations to adopt learning technologies almost overnight and in some cases, choose a solution which may not necessarily fit their needs.

When decision makers are facing this critical decision, one of the questions which may face them is "What would I do, to positively effect change in human development?"

Personalized Learning

Learners would enjoy to work on something that is simple yet responsive to their learning styles. It is an absolute necessity to provide learning support and it really motivates learners to push themselves to achieve great results.

We put a lot of work into aligning content with the syllabus and creating assignment support to track learning progress.

We aim to keep learner experience principles at the heart of the design process.


Applied Analytics

Using charts and visuals is a good way to understand patterns in learning and can allow for proactive remedial action.

We concentrated on core learning analytics metrics and created charts that provide the relevant insight to aid educational institutes in improving general academic performance.

Charts and data insights will vary based on user role within the application.

Meet the Team

Our team brings a wealth of experience from a wide range of backgrounds from Risk Management to Full Stack Web Development.
We’re led by a team who constantly questions, tinkers, and challenges to unlock great creativity to apply towards EdTech.